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Point Loma Chiropractic, formally known as Chiropractic Release and Acupuncture Center, is now open in the Point Loma Village. Our goal is to help athletes of all kinds perform at an optimum level.

We specialize in non-surgical sports injury treatment and prevention. We invite you to come join us as we are currently accepting new patients and offering chiropractic treatment, stretch therapy, Graston, Nutrition visits and Rehab exercises.

PLC and CRAC founder, Dr. Matt Sanicki uses his skills in Active Release Technique and Kinesiotaping to optimize sports performance.

You can also find Dr. Ian Ahearn and Dr. Kathrine Murphy joining the team and PLC.

Not an athlete? Our doors are still opened to you. We started as a family practice and have never turned down a patient yet. Dr. Sanicki says, "I have seen more cases of tennis elbow from computer use then I have from patients swinging a racquet. The truth is that we are just as likely to roll an ankle stepping off a curb as we are on a bad soccer field."

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Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
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3646 Midway Drive, #B
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